What is a Benefit Headline and Why is it so Important

A benefit headline is used in print advertising. It appears at the beginning of your ad as an attention getting headline. It tells the reader the benefit of doing business with your company or buying your product. Why is a benefit headline so important? Is it superior to a teaser headline? The placing of the benefit headline is important as well. When laying the ad out, the rest of the copy should pull the reader’s eye to the benefit headline. How is this accomplished? Where does the benefit headline go in relation to the picture?

A benefit headline tells customers exactly what they can expect when doing business with you. Rather than an overall view, the benefit headline highlights one or more benefits they will receive from you. Why is this print ad technique vital in drawing customers? Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. They are looking for what you have to offer. There are several competitors offering similar services or products. Why should they choose you? The purpose of the benefit headline is to tell them exactly that.

What is the difference between a teaser headline and a benefit headline? Why is the benefit headline better? A teaser headline does get the attention of the reader. Think of a teaser headline as a beautiful woman with nothing else going for her. She draws you in, but she has no substance. The benefit headline is so important because it fulfills a customer need. Unlike the teaser headline, it actually gives customers a reason to do business with you.

How should a benefit headline be written? Remember, it isn’t about you. It’s about the customer. What would bring the most customers to your business? What would get their attention? What are they looking for? Whether it be a low price or a delicious one of a kind menu item, (think, “Try Buffalo’s Best Wings”) your benefit headline should bring customers flocking to your door. Remember, you have to reel them in before they can buy anything. That’s what makes the benefit headline so important.

A benefit headline can feature more than one advantage of doing business with you. The headline could be a statement such as “Check Out These Great Deals” with a short list of items and prices under it. When employing this idea, keep the list short and to the point. This allows readers to scan it quickly. It also holds their attention long enough to get them interested in your business. It motivates them to do business with you.

Readers are naturally inclined to focus on a bright, colorful picture. The picture will stand out from black and white, or even colored print. That’s why it’s important to place your benefit headline near the photo. Their eyes will come for the photo and scan the details. This is especially vital if your ad appears on a page with one or more competitors. It draws focus away from them and to you.

It’s important to place your benefit headline near your photo. Where you place it is crucial as well. Think of how we are taught to read. We start at the top and go to the bottom. The picture should be placed at the top. The customer focuses on it, then reads downward. When the benefit headline is placed at the top, the customer might focus on the picture, then read downward, missing the headline altogether.

A benefit headline is located at the top of your article. It draws customers to your business by detailing the advantage of doing business with you. The best headlines in a print ad inspire the customer by appealing to their needs. A benefit headline is more effective than a teaser headline as it has more substance. A benefit headline can include more than one selling point. It should be brief, to hold the reader’s attention. A benefit headline should be placed under the ad picture for maximum readability.

A benefit headline is important because it draws customers to your business by fulfilling their needs.

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